The Dadditude Coaching Team

Our coaching guides are science-backed, and are prepared by a team of Parenting Professional, Clinical Therapists, Academic Researchers, and Dad Community Leaders.

Dadditude Advisor, Clinical psychologist, creator of the Parent Coaching Cards. Dad of 2.

Dadditude Advisor, Evolutionary anthropologist, dad researcher. Author of The Life Of Dad, and Why We Love. Mother of 2.

Founder of Soy Super Papá community of 70K dads, Social Media Consultant, Fatherhood Advocate. Dad of 1.

Dadditude Review Board Member, board-certified in pediatric psychology., PsyD, ABPP, parent coach, author.

Board-certified psychiatrist, author, and a Fellow of the APA and NYAM

Board certified psychologist and founder of the CME. Focus on men’s mental health, reproductive psychology and the transition to fatherhood.

Professor of maternal and child public health at Swansea University, Author.

The Premiere Media Platform dedicated to telling the stories of black fathers.

Founder of Curious Neuron, focused on scientifically and developmentally informed parenting, mom of 3.

Holistic Pediatrician, board-certified, founder of Integrative Pediatrics, Dad of 1.

Licensed clinical psychologist focused on work with LGBTQ+ adolescents and adults.

Clinical psychologist and researcher, specialising in perinatal and infant mental health.

Founder of The Daddy Sleep Consultant, a baby & toddler sleep consultancy in the UK & Ireland.

Trainee Clinical Psychologist with clinical & research experience working with children & families.

Organisation creating spaces for fathers to connect and build supportive communities.

Men's Mental Health advocate, currently writing a memoir on parenting.

An organization that provides information about infant crying and how to cope.

Naturopathic doctor focusing on Dads struggling with fatigue, mood, burnout, weight, digestion.

A Trainee Clinical Psychologist at the University of Surrey, focusing on supporting new dads with their mental health.

Final Year Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of Surrey.

Clinical Director University of Surrey. Senior Teaching Fellow. Clinical Psychologist

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