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Securing The Dad-Baby Attachment Guide

One of the most common concerns for new dads is how to form a bond with their baby. This new Coaching Guide prepared by Dadditude in collaboration with 'dad scientist' Dr Anna Machin will take you on a journey through the biology and psychology of attachment:
• Explaining the unique aspects of the dad’s bond
• Offering advice and tips on the best activities to use to create that bond both before and after birth
• Explaining why the relationship a dad builds with his baby is critical to their happy and healthy development.

Building a bond with your baby is one of the most joyous, fun and rewarding aspects of being a parent. Get it right at the start and you and your baby will be set up for life.

Don't worry, the content is written for parents, not PhD students. Here are some of the fun words that we'll serve you: secure attachment, neurobiology, bio-behavioral synchrony, neuro-chemicals, bonding delay, genetic relatedness, and a fair sprinkle of Twinkle Twinkle, Little Stars and rough & tumble play.

Who is it for?
• Soon-to-become dads or New dads who want to discover the fascinating nature of dad instinct and the impact of parenting on their brain and body and that of their baby.
• Older dads who need a primer or a refresh on why rough and tumble play is so much fun and so important to their kids.
• Mums and dads who want to help their partner on their parenting journey.

Who wrote this?
It was written in collaboration with Anna Machin, a parenting researcher who spent a decade at Oxford University researching dads, and authored: The Life Of Dad, The Making of the Modern Father. She's also an Evolutionary Anthropologist with a 20 year career and a mother of 2.

What does it look like?
It's not an online course, you won't spend 5hrs on Zoom or receive a long pdf you can't print. Instead, we've created a learning experience that's more relaxing, and more mindful of your schedule.
How about a few minutes every other day? You'll receive 10 email deliveries over a 3 week period. Each delivery will land in your inbox every couple of days to give you time to digest and reflect on the content.
The content is a mix of professional advice, background information, excerpts from book, academic research, and interviews or quotes, sound/videos bites, self-reflection prompts, little bits of homework, all focused on helping you develop confidence in your bond with your baby.

Price: 20$ + VAT based on your country

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Guide #2: Dad's Patience Under Stress

Coaching Guide with Dr. Steven Richfield
Of all the challenges we face as dads, keeping our cool when events around us are spinning out of control is one of the most daunting. This coaching guide prepared by Dadditude in collaboration with parent coach Dr Steven Richfield will guide you through the pitfalls and offer practical strategies for self-management of our stressors.

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